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Gisel Warren

Welcome! My name is Gisel Warren or Coach G, my passion is health and nutrition. For the last nine years, I’ve been working with families, businesses, hospitals, cancer patients, schools, and organizations International, to promote Health and Wellness.

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I became interested in Health and Wellness when my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer and then myself with Thyroid cancer and stage 4 breast cancer. Yes! Something has to change, right? It is not possible this was hereditary because we did all the tests and guess what it was not, so I started to get more knowledge on what can be done to an extension of a healthy life. I was not only concerned about myself, my family, and my friends. I wanted to help anyone who wants the help to enjoy their life extension and don’t wait to have shocking news to have to start getting worried about their health and sometimes suffer the consequences of lousy health habits.

A Person With Their Health Has 1,000 Dreams, But…
A Person Without Their Health, Has Only 1 Dream!